EXO - Kings Of Fashion With Top Luxury Brands Ambassadors Position

EXO - Kings Of Fashion With Top Luxury Brands Ambassadors Position

As the years go by, EXO members have attracted more and more attention from international brands

EXO is indeed one of the best K-pop bands in history! In addition to recognition and great contributions to the music industry, EXO members' personal achievements as musicians, singers, property owners, millions of sellers, etc. also occupy the fashion industry!

From the beginning of trading with the smallest brand, they gradually won the trust of people and the market, so that everything they recognized can be sold out in less than a minute. Such good men, they are!

As the years go by, EXO members have attracted more and more attention from international brands. At present, several members of the K-pop group have now become representatives and ambassadors of luxury brands!

BaekHyun (Burberry Korea)

As the new ambassador of Burberry's Korean brand, the million-dollar solo artist also brought surprises to his vision and beauty!



Oh, and did we forget to mention that Baekhyun is the co-director of his fashion label, Privé Alliance?

Sehun (Dior)

EXO’s Sehun becomes the new face of Dior Men.

Recently, Esquire Korea magazine published a series of photos of Sehun wearing Dior outfits with the caption: "Sehun becomes the new face of Dior Men. Let's look at him in the designs of the Winter 2020-2021 collection. inspiration from artist Judy Blame ".

The statement of the above magazine made Sehun fans excited. They hope in the future that the SM male idol will have the opportunity to work with Dior as a brand ambassador.


In addition to Sehun, Dior also collaborates with Korean artists such as Suzy, Jisoo (BlackPink) or Nam Joo Hyuk.

On the occasion of the launch of the Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 hit sneakers, designer Kim Jones personally presented the shoes with a hand letter to Sehun. That made him one of the earliest rare accessory owners.


The maknae of the group is also leading as the representative of Berluti Korea Music and Cartier Korea campaign model. Along with BLACKPINK's Jisoo and GOT7's Jackson, Sehun will take part in the upcoming digital project of the brand for Pasha de Cartier.


Not only this but Sehun is also the brand ambassador for Zegna, has graced and been praised by Louis Vuitton, and has been recently announced to be the spokesperson for Dr. Jart.


Kai (Gucci)

EXO’s main dancer Kai is the first South Korean and idol to become a global ambassador for Gucci! Because Kai's vision and appeal attract the attention of international audiences, he often appears in the front row of Gucci events and is called "Human Gucci" because he always makes public appearances with Gucci items before becoming a luxury brand model and spokesperson.

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The leaders of EXO also showed elegant and handsome visual effects in the activities of high-end jewelry brand BVLGARI. Suho and BLACKPINK Lisa are Korean representatives of the brand. Suho is also the representative of Bottega, a luxury handbag brand.


Chanyeol (PRADA Korea)

An EXO visual effect and main rap, Chanyeol is Prada Korea’s new choice ambassador! Together with Red Velvet Irene, the two were recognized by "Vogue Korea", and the two SM Entertainment artists took a group photo at the magazine's Fall/Winter 2020 fashion show.



EXO’s main dancer and Mando-pop star is not only a respected mentor, company CEO, actor, music producer, outstanding performer, but also everyone, but he also became the number one in Valentino. A Chinese representative shines in the fashion industry! This high-end brand said that they chose idols because of his infinite talent, influence worldwide, and his sense of fashion.


Lay is also the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, Converse, MAC, Chaumet, H&M, and also represents Biotherm Homme, Tide, Pizza Hut, and Tencent!

EXO-L is proud of its favorite team that continues to show its dominance, not only in the music industry but also in the fashion industry. A netizen said that some of the factors that love EXO are due to its good physique, flawless and natural appearance in the photoshoot, good reputation, and humble personality, even though they are at the peak of their careers.

On the other hand, fans are looking forward to the upcoming project, and they can’t wait to see all members such as D.O, Xiumin, and Chen become representatives of high-end brands that suit their image.