EXO Baekhyun Is Still Fashion Brands' Favorite Boy In The Middle Of New-Face Male Idols

EXO Baekhyun Is Still Fashion Brands' Favorite Boy In The Middle Of New-Face Male Idols

EXO Baekhyun (Baekhyun) shows off his impressive charisma and top fashion sense.

EXO Baekhyun (Baekhyun) proved to fans that besides singing, he can also be successful in fashion thanks to his impressive charisma and top fashion sense.

Fashion Gout - 100 points

As one of the members with the highest popularity of EXO, besides his handsome voice and face, fashion is also one of the strengths that make Baekhyun score in the eyes of fans. With a height of 1m74, EXO's main vocal is not too tall but possesses a relatively perfect body to suit many different types of outfits.


The most familiar image of Baekhyun in the eyes of "passersby" is the guy who always appears in elegant suits at award ceremonies. This is considered one of the "nail" styles of the guy. However, to show off his unique aesthetic, Baekhyun often doesn't simply wear a suit like most other boy group members. In various awards ceremonies, he often chooses accessories, especially a tie, to create a special highlight for his serious suit.


Contrary to the serious fashion sense when attending the awards ceremony, Baekhyun's everyday style is extremely basic and easy to learn. The usual combo from EXO members is an oversize jacket, a t-shirt, and an outrageous pair of jeans. He also showed fans his ability to catch up with the trend each time he repeatedly uses hot items that are storming the market.


Besides, one of the fears of EXO fans is that the costumes are sometimes too coordinated by the stylist and have no idea. However, in many cases, with his handsome face and standard body, Baekhyun also somewhat overcame the confusing step of the group stylist. Typically, a shiny silk shirt mixed with trousers at the 2016 Golden Disc Awards or the curly hair in the MV Wolf could not dampen the guy.

Alliance Creative Director

In 2018, Baekhyun fans suddenly received news that he was cooperating with a privé alliance and became a Creative Director at the New York branch of the company. This information quickly made fans admire Baekhyun's talent.


Privé alliance is a streetwear unisex fashion brand. In which, the privé alliance by BBH was a successful collaboration between Baekhyun and the famous designer Danyl Geneciran. Its target audience is in the mid-range segment with all products under $ 100.


When talking about his decision to choose Baekhyun as the creative director of the New York branch, Danyl Geneciran said that he wanted to find a true partner and an artist committed to wanting to be a part of the brand. And Baekhyun has fulfilled all the requests given. Danyl Geneciran also highly appreciated the professional working style of the Korean idol when he regularly researched magazines as well as created his own sketches.


Not only the Creative Director, Baekhyun also plays an important role in the image promotion campaign of the privé alliance. With his popularity, it was not too difficult for him to make the privé alliance become widely known. Right from the first collection, the privé alliance by BBH was sold out until officially sold.
Its easy-to-use designs are also evaluated as defining Baekhyun's everyday fashion style. The image of the guy who regularly wore the design of the privé alliance as well as the products appearing on the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue is considered the perfect step to help privé alliance by BBH quickly reach customers around the world. and easily sold out of bulk as soon as it is on the shelf.


Burberry's Korean Regional Ambassador

Recently, Harper's Bazaar Korea has posted a picture of Baekhyun appearing on the cover of October number in Burberry's outfit, and SM also announced that the male idol has become the Korean regional ambassador of the country. . This did not make his fans too surprised because Baekhyun used to wear Burberry outfits many times when he appeared in public, plus his popularity, the "blue eye" of this fashion house was only allowed. it is a matter of time.


Burberry is a world-famous fashion house, especially remembered for its plaid motifs. Through Harper's Bazaar Korea, Baekhyun is considered to be well-rounded in conveying the appeal of the design to users. With a handsome and attractive face, Candy's voice creates a feeling of elegance that is extremely suitable for Burberry's orientation.


In the short term, although there are not too many activities with the British fashion house, with two impressive appearances on the covers of 2 magazines ELLE and Harper's Bazaar and Burberry's outfits, Baekhyun has received a warm support. from fans as well as label lovers. Thereby, viewers also hope that he will accompany Burberry for a long time