BTS’s Jin Accidentally Exposed A Jimin Stan

BTS’s Jin Accidentally Exposed A Jimin Stan

A fan has gone viral for their funny username.

An ordinary ARMY has gone from Jimin stan to viral sensation, thanks to BTS‘s Jin!

On January 19th, Jin popped by the Weverse app to see what fans were up to. One ARMY shared photos of a snowman shaped like Jin’s BT21 character, RJ the alpaca.

The caption says, “Seokjin oppa you have to see this!! (laughing).”

In reply, Jin wrote this funny comment:

"RJ, you’re cold, aren’t you? I’ll melt you with a heater."

— Jin

Weverse weirdly translated Jin’s comment, as usual, but that wasn’t the best part.

Fans pointed out the original poster’s username, JMisThicc (“Jimin is Thicc”)…

…and soon “THE USERNAME” began trending on social media. (Shoutout to the Twitter employee who had to explain “THE USERNAME” to the world!)

Now, the question is: has Jimin seen it yet?