BTS Members Reveal Their Feeling After Seeing Jungkook Fall On Stage

BTS Members Reveal Their Feeling After Seeing Jungkook Fall On Stage

His hard work and effort are all for ARMYs.

BTS’s Jungkook is usually known for his powerful stage presence, but even our golden maknae is human.

During their WINGS tour in Chile, fans spotted Jungkook looking tired and falling on stage.

Turns out, he was using a respirator backstage to hold himself up until the end of the concert.

In BTS’s documentary, Burn The Stage, the other members revealed how worried they were after seeing Jungkook’s condition.

"We could hear the director’s voice through our in-ears letting Jungkook know that he can use his respirator up front if he was having a hard time. He was half-gone by this time. After that, all my attention was towards Jungkook rather than focusing on myself."

— J-Hope

"If Jungkook sits out the damage is huge. Of course it would be the same if any of the seven members had to sit out, but because Jungkook is the main vocal and the center for our performances, he has many important parts. If Jungkook sits out, there is no one that can replace him."

— RM

Even member V, who had a special handshake with Jungkook…

…showed the handshake to Jungkook from behind to express his worry.

Fortunately, they were able to finish the concert successfully.

After the concert, the members except for Jungkook, gathered together to express their worry.

"J-Hope: I was pretty worried.
Jin: Hey I was really worried.
Suga: Honestly, I shed some tears in the bathroom.
RM: I saw him during “Fire” from behind.
Jin: Yeah he looked like he was having the hardest time during “Fire.”
RM: He seemed a bit off.
Jimin: So I asked him why he held it all in and he said ‘It’s the last concert in Chile!’
Everyone: Oh~~~!"

And we as fans know why Jungkook works so hard on stage!

Jungkook knows just how much his hyungs worry and think about him and so do we!