BTS is The Most Viewed Wikipedia Page

BTS is The Most Viewed Wikipedia Page

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Wikipedia has a page solely to reveal the most popular pages concerning Korea on the platform. Sitting at the top is BTS, the biggest K-pop group in the world. See which other popular pages made the rankings.

Wikipedia has a WikiProject called WikiProject Korea, which is dedicated to improving, organized, and creating articles related to Korea. One of their pages includes a list of their most popular pages, which was recently updated to reflect the most popular pages from Nov. 1, 2020, to Nov. 30, 2020. The page was last updated on Dec. 4, 2020.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular Wikipedia page concerning Korea is the BTS page. From the previously stated time period, BTS's page was viewed 738,664 times with a daily average of 24,622. The BTS Wikipedia page is considered high in importance. BTS's Wikipedia page does not only include the history of their whole careers, but it also goes into the group during their pre-debut stage, the meaning of their group name, their artistry, their impact and influence, their awards and achievements, and their other ventures.

Their Wikipedia page also includes information on BTS's discography, tour, and filmography. BTS's Wikipedia page is a B-class article, meaning that it is well-written and does not have any visible inaccuracies. It also has inline citations but could have controversial information added that can be challenged with proper citation.

BLACKPINK is the second-most viewed K-pop figure on Wikipedia, sitting in fifth place. Within the specified time period, BLACKPINK's Wikipedia page was viewed 398,467 times with a daily average of 13,282. Like BTS, BLACKPINK's Wikipedia page is high on the importance scale. BLACKPINK's Wikipedia page includes backgrounds on their career, including their pre-debut time, as well as their public image and reception, other ventures, and awards and achievements.

Like BTS, BLACKPINK's Wikipedia page includes information on their concerts and tours, discography, and filmography. It is also a B-class article.

The third most viewed K-pop figure is BTS member V, sitting in 13th place. During the said time period, V garnered 257,218 views, with a daily average of 8,573 views. Surprisingly, V's article is low on the importance scale, meaning the subject could not be particularly notable or significant within their specific field and may have only been created to cover a specific part of a notable article. Because of how high BTS's rating is in the importance scale, it is likely V's page was created to compliment the BTS page.

V's Wikipedia page includes information on his early life and education, his career with BTS, his solo activities, his impact and influence, and his artistry. It also mentions his solo music and the songs he has writing credits in. His Wikipedia also includes his filmography and his awards and nominations.

From 4- 10, the most viewed Wikipedia articles concerning K-pop figures are:

4. BLACKPINK's Lisa (256,128 total views, 8,537 average daily views)

5. BTS's Jungkook (254,544 total views, 8,484 average daily views)

6. Bae Suzy (253,375 total views, 8,445 average daily views)

7. Aespa (247,764 total views, 8,258 average daily views)

8. K/DA (247,351 total views, 8,258 average daily views)

9. BLACKPINK's Jennie (182,856 total views, 6,095 average daily views)

10. TWICE (179,804 total views, 5,993 average daily views)