10 Handsome Idols Who Need Selfie Lessons

10 Handsome Idols Who Need Selfie Lessons

They are so funny.

These stunning idols are visual perfection in real life. However, their selfies just can’t seem to capture their own beauty. Check out the 10 idols who are hilariously incapable of taking their own photos and should just let the professionals do the picture-taking!

1. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Vernon is known for his less-than-flattering selfies.

From the angle to his expression, it’s known amongst Carats that he can’t capture his true visual in a photo.

In photos taken by others, however, it’s easy to see that Vernon’s visuals are absolutely insane!

2. Jaemin (NCT)

Like many idol fans, NCTzens wish Jaemin would stop using apps with exaggerated facial filters.

He becomes a cartoonized version of himself, which pales in comparison to his natural visuals.

In real life, Jaemin’s true handsome looks are undeniable.

3. Juyeon and Eric (The Boyz)

In Juyeon and Eric’s selfie, the colors are washed out and the filters on their face make them look quite different.

However, this same picture taken from a different angle shows how the duo actually looked in the moment — and they’re visual perfection!

Juyeon’s interesting selfie angles also get an honorable mention.

4. V (BTS)

V doesn’t like to be conventional, especially in his selfies.

Blurry pics, hilarious expressions, weird angles — Nothing is off-limits for him.

However, in news photos and any pictures taken by other people, his visuals are beyond words.

5. Beomgyu (TXT)

Beomgyu is another victim of using a heavily filtered app.

There’s no doubt that the boys are always handsome, but losing the filter would allow their true selves to show.

In real life, Beomgyu has a gorgeous and defined face that needs zero filter!

6. D.O. (EXO)

D.O.’s selfies have their own unique and hilarious charm.

Despite being totally cute, his choice of angles is often questionable.

Luckily, the big screen is able to capture his real beauty for fans to see!

7. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

There’s a stark difference between Joshua’s selfies…

…and his photos taken by others. The professionals know how to capture his stunning visuals.

8. Jinyoung (GOT7)

With better angles, Jinyoung goes from this…

…to this! Does anyone want to help give him a few selfie lessons?


Dino has many talents…but sadly, taking his own photo isn’t one of them.

However, in real life, he’s too handsome for words!

10. Jangjun (Golden Child)

Jangjun once blessed fans with this mid-hair appointment photo.

You would never know this is who he transforms into on stage!