Top "Hateful" Characters In The Penthouse: Oh Yoon Hee Can't Help It

Top "Hateful" Characters In The Penthouse: Oh Yoon Hee Can't Help It

Not only Ju Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin were anti, but the following characters also made the audience so frustrated.

Not only leading the audience to go from surprise to surprise but the hit drama 'The Penthouse' also made the audience "angry with purple faces" with less pitiful characters, more hateful. Not only Ju Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin were anti, but the following characters also made the audience so frustrated, so angry that they wanted to "beat the TV" every time they saw them.

Ju Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon)

Topping the list of most hated people is none other than the cunning husband Ju Dan Tae, who is behind the crimes and evil intrigue. Having a beautiful wife, a rich family, but Dan Tae is not at peace but greedy enough to ploy to harm his wife's stepchild, so she goes back and forth with the "third person".

Many scenes with the appearance of Ju Dan Tae make the audience angry because of the character's horizontal and profoundness. Uhm Ki Joon's impressive acting is considered too good, to the point that if he meets him in real life, many fans shiver in discomfort because he has a deep, bad impression of his character.

Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon)

Revealing the "evil girl" nature from the first episodes, the "golden spoon" girl Cheon Seo Jin has a luxurious life, silk velvet since childhood. Not only that, but Seo Jin is also the daughter of the President of the Cheong A Foundation and a famous and powerful opera artist. However, despite having a good child, her husband is a doctor, and a huge family, she still does not hesitate to become a "minor" with the ambition of becoming the owner of Penthouse.

After that, she continued to insult her husband, forcing forced her children to study, indirectly harmed her biological father ... Her actions "considered heaven with a swing" made the audience extremely angry, to the point that many people even thought that they were haunted by the sharp eyes of Seo Jin.

Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene)

Having been adored by the audience in the first episodes with the image of a kind mother, suffering from pain and suffering, Oh Yoon Hee made the audience "faintly faint" when he changed his personality to the point of dizziness. She revealed the nature of an ambitious man when officially becoming the "little private" of Ju Dan Tae in recent episodes.

Not only that, but Yoon Hee also annoyed viewers because they were so weak and selfishly pampered. To the point where she harmed Min Seol Ah to get the chance to go to music school for her child. Yoon Hee's human nature is clearly shown to be a cruel person, despite the tricks that are not inferior to Cheon Seo Jin by repeatedly betraying her sisters, shaking hands with the evil to cover up her guilt.

Ha Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin)

One of the children that most inhibits viewers is Ha Eun Byul - the daughter of "evil girl" Kim So Yeon. Expected to become a famous artist like her mother, she has been constantly under pressure from her mother. Eun Byul even got locked in the room where Min Seol Ah died, and she was scolded badly.

However, not in time to be pitiful for Eun Byul, viewers are extremely angry when she is no different from her mother's copy, despite all the tricks. She constantly messed with Bae Ro Na, glared, screaming at her father to show her feelings. However, Eun Byul's childish tricks were commented by the audience to be inferior and somewhat outrageous.

Bae Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo)

Not much better than Eun Byul, Bae Ro Na - Oh Yoon Hee's daughter also made many audiences bored with her "soldier's son's personality". Born into a not-so-well-off family, but she has too great ambitions, always looking for ways to compete with the rich children and get trouble oh my dear.

Besides, due to being unable to protest against her bully, Ro Na only knew how to go home loudly, angry, heavy with her mother. Not only that but she also blindly believed words from Eun Byul in a naive manner and blamed her mother before the truth was clear. The image of a poor family will always be loved, but Bae Bo Ra is the exception. Her "hard-to-live" personality really can't make the audience happy.